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Submissions Post #134
HERE is where you post your secrets! But before posting, don't forget the guidelines:


02 — Do not forget to post as Anonymous. It's pretty easy, actually. You don't even have to log-out: just click on the `switch` button. We won't tell anyone who you are if you do accidentally post as yourself, but we won't be responsible either if anyone finds out who posted which secret.

03 — Images are to be at most 800 by 600 pixels in size (meaning 800 pixels wide, 600 pixels tall). Anything bigger and we won't post it. JPGs and GIFs only. No PNGs or BMPs or TIFs or whatsoever other image format. You can edit the graphics with whatever graphics program of your choice though.

04 — Please do not upload your secrets onto hosts/servers that do not give a direct link. Ie. If you can not see the file extension of your secret (.jpeg/.jpg/.gif) at the end of the URL, it is not a direct link and will not show up as a picture when posted in the secrets posts. ImageShack and TinyPic are recommended.



05 — You can post as many secrets as you want, but make sure to put the # of secrets at the top of your comment (formerly in the subject line). Also, the posting format is:

http://imageurl_here/ (DIRECT IMG LINK ONLY PLS.)
`image description here`

05 — Don't forget to include all applicable warnings for your image (ie. not worksafe, etc.)

07 — FOR TEXT SUBMISSIONS: Please specify in some way or another who your secret applies to so that we can select an appropriate graphic for your secret (ex: single names can be confusing. "Maru" Maruyama/Nakamaru, "Shige" NEWS/Kanju, etc.)

08 — Secrets Post #133

Secrets Post #133


There's so many girls out there, why it had to be her?

Only one submission this time, so now a trip back to when it all began~ Unfortunately about 80% of the images submitted back then have been eaten by tinypic but there were still enough left to mine through them for this. I'm not sure if we should just stick to one block of time like here in future posts, or just jump around randomly through the years. Thoughts?

I give to you, 2007, and the birth of je_secrets~


[Originally posted 2007.10.29]

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# Some secrets might be RATED PG-13 or higher.
# This post is UNSCREENED. Everyone will be able to see everyone's comments.
# You're allowed to comment ANONYMOUSLY.
# Discuss/Argue/Reply whichever way you want, but any direct bashing or wanking in the comments will NOT BE TOLERATED.
# Submit your secrets HERE

[mod post] update
Okay, so based off the feedback we received on the last post I'm going to start mixing in retro-secrets posts as filler for the light submission batches. That said, I'm still playing around with format for this as it's mostly going to end up being one giant experiment (congratulations! we are all now guinea pigs~ XD), which means that the next post might be a little late going up (maybe later today, more likely tomorrow- the 1st). So if you have any submissions you'd like to sneak in between now and then feel free to take advantage of the delay.

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