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[mod post] yeah, you all know this is coming 8|;
After two months straight without a single submission I think we can safely say that this community is, if not dead, then at least on life support. I'll keep checking in for submissions and will make posts when needed, but if anyone was holding out for even monthly posts I'm afraid that fandom just doesn't want to put the effort into this community/format to support that. I'm sorry to see it come to this, but really, is anyone actually surprised it did? Thank you to all those who supported us this far.


should ooold aquaintance beee forgot aahaand neeeever brought to miiiiiiind~


(look, three letter words only! :D)

Seriously, thank you so, so much. Can you feel all the love I'm sending your way? It's a lot. Loooove. You put so much effort in this com and did your best to keep it alive, and I appreciate that very much. I'm sad to see je_secrets more or less close down, even if it was long coming. Were I creative and could think of secrets, I'd have submitted thousands of them, but even though I wrecked my head, I didn't come up with anything. :( Should one ever cross my mind I'll submit it, though. I'll remember this community and the great times we had! ;____;

It's been a good run :)

Wow. I've been very inactive in the JE (and JPop fandom) and LJ in general (for around 9 years now?), but through one of those click-upon-a-link-upon-a-link-upon-a-link occurrences, I've somehow wound up here.

Even though my co-founder aoimidori and I consciously decided to step down (and away!) from the comm (and the fandom) very long ago, it's still quite sad to see that this community that we very lovingly started has met its final days.

I remember how nervously excited we were when we started this comm. We (I more than she, as she wasn't well and truly into JE as a whole) were well aware of how vocal (ha!) the JE fandom can be, and we were half scared of the backlash of opening a JE secrets comm. The first few weeks, we found ourselves anxiously checking for submissions - will there be enough to post? Soon enough, things picked up and the rest was history.

Thank you for the nostalgia. Thanks to all those who submitted secrets (and those who engaged in "heated discussions" about them lol).

Most of all, thank you to all the mods who have taken care of our baby along the way. happiestwhen, andalusia_, ekiben, miya808, and to pax_iaponica for tying things off neatly. お疲れ様でした。

After two months straight without a single submission I think we can safely say that this community


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